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One of the most popular growing trends is eFax. With eFax, you can use your internet connection to send and receive faxes locally or internationally.
  • The benefit of using eFax over a traditional fax machine is the low cost. Instead of spending money on fax machines, ink or fax paper, a user can save those costs by going green.
  • The eFax service is portable unlike being tethered to a traditional office; eFax gives its users the ability to receive faxes on the go, through email.

Top Line Communications offers two types of eFax. You would use your PC to send and receive faxes. This means you will not have a fax machine to maintain. A document can be faxed simply by scanning it.

The second type of eFax Top Line Communications offers is using an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter). This device plugs into your internet connection and into your traditional fax machine. This allows for faxes to be sent and received over the internet using a traditional fax machine.

Both services have uses to different applicants. Either service is tested with Top Line Communications and the customer prior to acceptance. eFax is a relatively new service and may not work in all areas.

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