Frequently Asked Questions

How does Voice Over IP (VOIP) work?
Voice over IP quite simply takes the signal created by your telephone and routes the call through the internet to the “public telephone network” connecting your call to whatever number you dialed.

What if I already have a broadband internet connection?
Top Line Communications would prefer you to use your own broadband service. The broadband service should be reliable, and provide enough bandwidth for voice transmission. In certain locations Top Line Communications does have access to competitive pricing on business or enterprise class broadband.

What payment options are available?
Top Line Communications accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

Will I have to get a different phone number?
No. You will be able to bring your telephone number to the Curry IP Solutions digital network, however this process takes about 2-4 weeks and costs $25 per number. Curry has new local numbers for free available the moment you sign up.

Will I have to get a different phone or phone system?
Only if you want to. Top Line Communications has local number portability though out the USA. The porting process takes about 3 weeks. To assist in the process we request you sending a copy of the bill from your present phone company listing the telephone numbers you are porting to our service. New numbers are immediately available, and we have provided temporary numbers to customers to test and set up their equipment prior to the porting of their existing numbers to assure proper set up.

Can you explain how Top Line Communications bundles their service offering?
If you purchase 3 packages of Business or SIP Trunk 1000 service. You will receive 3 concurrent call paths, in which the first 3000 minutes of outbound calls anywhere in 48 US states are included free. All inbound usage is free, except for toll free or call centers. Additional outbound minutes are paid as you use them.

If I have 3 lines now and need 3 more how quickly can they be installed?
At Top Line Communications customers have online access to immediately increase or decrease the number of concurrent call paths or packages.

Can I try before I buy?
Yes in many instances a test account can be set up to try the service. Upon acceptance the account is converted to a live billable account.

Will I have to get a different phone or phone system?
No. Top Line Communications can provide equipment to enable your analog telephone to be used on our digital telephone service network. We can provide analog telephone adapters from 2 lines to 200 lines. However many customers are upgrading to the newer IP Phone or IP PBX systems. Top Line Communications would be happy to provide you a quote if you would provide your requirements.

What if something catastrophic happens to my business?
Top Line Communications is here to assist 24/7 to accommodate catastrophic events by rerouting, or reconfiguring equipment to get you back in business. Most phone system vendors create a software backup of your system, which when restored will immediately reconnect with our service. Top Line Communications works proactively with you and your vendor, to set up a fail over phone number or our own voicemail service. Voice mails that can be emailed, or listened to remotely

What is Voice mail?
Voice mail is a feature housed at your location or ours that enables you to receive messages from callers who are unable to reach you either because you are talking with someone else on the phone or you are not available. This service is available to all customers and is completely programmable to make it as personal as you want. Messages can be retrieved remotely or sent to an email address in a .wav file.

What is Caller ID?
Caller ID is a feature that enables you to see a listing of the phone number and sometimes name of the person or company who is trying to reach you. This gives you the option of answering the call or letting it go to voicemail. It is also great to see who called while you were out, even if they didn’t leave a message. When you sign up for service it is important to list the name you want associated with the telephone number.

What is Call Waiting?
Call Waiting enables callers to never miss a call. This feature enables you to be alerted to the fact that someone else is calling them. The caller only hears the phone ring, and you can determine whether you choose to answer the call or let it ring into voice mail.

What is Caller ID block?
Caller ID block enables you to block your caller ID to the person you are calling so that if you are home and returning calls for business you will not have to inadvertently distribute your home phone number.

What is Call Forwarding?
Call forwarding enables calls to forward from one number to another. This way as you are waiting for an important call you can leave the house and forward all of your calls to your cell phone or possibly your destination! This feature is available to all customers and can be modified on the Top Line Communications web site.

What is 3-way calling?
This popular feature enables you to speak with 2 people at the same time. Simply call one person and then call the second person.  This will enable conferencing and small meetings to take place with the ease of just a couple of buttons.

Is International Service Available?
Top Line Communications offers an International Calling service with very competitive rates. If you have a particular country you call often, and would like to know the rate please feel free to ask.

What is take Top Line Communications with You?
New Technology is redefining communications. Whether it's a short trip, permanent move or telecommuting, International or domestic you don't have to give up your number just because you're out of area. All you need is Top Line Communications and a broadband Internet connection. When visiting family, going on vacation or traveling for business, you can make and receive calls from one convenient Top Line Communications number.

Is faxing reliable with this service?
We tell customers if their business relies on faxing to keep an analog line for the faxes. Often this can be the number associated with your DSL line.

Does Top Line Communications offer a faxing service?
Top Line Communications offers two types of faxing service. The first complies with international standards of T.38 signaling. This service sends the fax to an Analog Telephone Adapter which you connect your fax machine to send and receive faxes. The second service is a virtual fax service in which we convert the fax to a pdf file which is emailed. Top Line Communications uses both types of faxing referred here and finds the service reliable.

What if I get a harassing phone call?
Just provide the number of the caller who is harassing you and we will work on blocking the caller.

What if I am unhappy with the service, or cannot get reliable broadband?
No problem, no contract. Top Line Communications does not operate like the old phone companies. Top Line Communications provides you the access to cancel your service immediately online. However to have the service reconnected there is a fee.

What is the cause of one way audio or choppy connections like a cell phone?
There are a couple of causes of one way audio or poor quality. The first to consider is your broadband service. You should consider a minimum of 100 kbs per voice conversation. If you have 5 calls you will need a minimum of 500 kbs of bandwidth for the call. Another cause is your router or network. Some routers have ports that need to be opened for voice traffic. Top Line Communications will work with you or your network specialist to trouble shoot and resolve any issues.

What happens when I dial 911 on Top Line Communications?
911 or E911 is provided as a best effort service. Phone numbers are the identifiable item that is associated with the physical location of where the emergency response personnel are to respond. Since VoIP service is nomadic and can be easily moved or used in any physical location it is important to keep this information as accurate as possible. It is you the customer’s responsibility to be aware of the phone number associated with the service address on record must be accurate. If there is no address associated with the calling phone number to 911 this is considered a rogue call and will be assessed a $250 onetime charge. This information must be updated with Top Line Communications on a routine basis.

Does Top Line Communications offer Wholesale International Termination?
Top Line Communications offers an A-Z list along with competitive direct routes. All services are secured with a Deposit or Prepaid.

What other hardware or products does Top Line Communications offer?
Top Line Communications offers our world class proprietary soft switch configuration, along with an integrated billing platform.

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