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Top Line Communications provides broadband telephone service referred to as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or SIP (Session Internet Protocol) trunks. This service is very versatile and robust. Our customer base is made up of business consumers, and we do not require a contract. So as you see we strive to serve our customers with the most reliable service possible. Top Line Communications is an Erate Certified Vender with USAC
Top Line Communications has developed their platform on standard 1U server built on a cascading logic. If a 1U switch fails the other switch(s) will pick up the calls to the failed switch until it is repaired or replaced. This approach to redundancy reduces the possibility of a catastrophic failure.

Each 1U server is independent of the other with a call capacity of 100 concurrent calls. Today’s present architecture of Top Line Communications is with soft switches located in Portland OR., and Pittsburgh, PA. Locating equipment in opposite sides of the USA improves our ability to provide a better QOS, and redundancy. Also located in both cities are database servers with our integrated proprietary billing solution which are again providing our redundancy.

This billing platform is the heart of our business. PlanB is an automated platform which requires little hands on by the service provider. Once the customer is tested and turned up for live production PlanB does all the work. Every 30 days from turn-up the customer is automatically billed, and collected using their credit card. If the credit card fails PlanB attempts to alert the customer of the failure. If the customer does not update their information by accessing their account through PlanB the account is suspended to make outbound calls. If the customer continues to not respond to the update of payment information PlanB will automatically suspend all services until payment is made.

If you would like to discuss how you can become a service provider and not just a reseller contact us to schedule a call. We are here and ready to assist in providing a complete turnkey and training package exceeding your expectations with leasing if desired.

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