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Our Top Line Communications Softswitch has been developed over years of refinement since the first installation and turn up in 2005. Top Line Communications will assist you to establish yourself as a VoIP / SIP trunk service provider. We recognize this is a complex industry with many individuals with different skill levels and expertise, so we customize our response to meet or exceed your expectations.
Our SoftSwitch is built in modules. This method lowers your entry capital expense to become a SIP Service Provider.
The modules consist of:
  • Switch(es) that set up and tear down calls to and from the PSTN. (approximately 100 simultaneous calls to each switch)
  • Database server(s) that stores the customer information and CDR
  • Automated billing server with your brand on the customer portal.

You can start out with one of each of the above installed in a collocation site with a minimum of 20 mbs of bandwidth. As your business grows, so will your desire and need for redundancy or fail over.

For a fully redundant setup we would recommend a minimum of 1 switch and database server in two different locations along with a mirror drive automated billing server.

System hardware, software and firmware warranty with free updates, upgrades, bug fixes for 2 years. 40 hours of free tech support.

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